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National Museum of the State Security Apparatus

It is 2015.

Almost 5 years after the fall of Zine El Abidine Ben Ali.

According to several sources The State Security Agency was dissolved and does no longer operate.

What would happen if we imagined a museum for the State Security Agency?.

A museum built up entirely out of rumors and personal experiences that people had with the “Political Police”, for example.

But where do rumors end and where does truth begin?

The contents of this museum will be based upon the performative research conducted on the individual perspective of the inhabitants of Tunis, on their conception of the state security agency.

An agency that apparently relies on the power of rumors and the distance between the talk and silence.

The museum will be designed as a multi-disciplinary documentary project mixing up material research and partially interactive experiences.

It is a journey between experiences and the imagination of oneself and of the others.





Production assistants :Aya RebaÏ, Hamza Bouzouida

With : Mohamed Bennani, Najoua Rezgi, Ilyes Lefi

Thanks to : All those who have generously lent us their faces and voices .





Laila Soliman et Ruud Gielens


Laila Soliman (b. Cairo, 1981) and Ruud Gielens (b. Duffel, 1977) have been collaborating in various artistic constellations on and off since 2011. Soliman is an independent Egyptian theater director, dramaturge and playwright. Gielens’ versatile practice spans across various fields of the performing arts. Soliman and Gielens’ mutual interest in social issues lead them to realize a variety of politically motivated projects that always spring from impulsive promptings, political and artistic emergencies, interventions and debates. Amongst others they produced the critically acclaimed production Lessons in Revolting in 2011.





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