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La Grande Maison

The famous street of Sidi Abdallah Guech (Zarqoun), in the old medina of Tunis houses the only red light district in the Arab World, a place where sex work is legally regulated. Weaving in and out of architectural models, this project will give the audience an insight into a world of untold stories where the relationship between the individual and authorities is at its very center. Based on personal stories and narratives, between forced conditions and choices.
Documentary theatre performance in Arabic with English translation, 40’, 2015





Architect : Ghofrane Heraghi
Model Maker : Saber Laaribi
Production Assistant : Aya RebaÏ, Hamza Bouzouida
Co-Production : Ashkal Alwan (Beyrouth) as part of Home Works 7
Thanks to : Ahmed Blaïech, Famile Bouhejba and all the men and women we met who helped us and which we can not say the name





Laila Soliman et Ruud Gielens


Laila Soliman (b. Cairo, 1981) and Ruud Gielens (b. Duffel, 1977) have been collaborating in various artistic constellations on and off since 2011. Soliman is an independent Egyptian theater director, dramaturge and playwright. Gielens’ versatile practice spans across various fields of the performing arts. Soliman and Gielens’ mutual interest in social issues lead them to realize a variety of politically motivated projects that always spring from impulsive promptings, political and artistic emergencies, interventions and debates. Amongst others they produced the critically acclaimed production Lessons in Revolting in 2011.










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